Cafe In Selangor: Most Popular Cafes To Hang Out With Your Friends

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If you're born in Selangor or happen to be there, you should try these popular cafes in this town where you can relax and enjoy the menu with your friends/partners. I will share with you plenty of cafes that are highly popular among locals, especially teenagers. Some people who are looking for a comfortable place to do work with their laptops should visit these places too.

Starbucks Jade Hills

Starbucks Jade Hills is very popular as a place to get a very nice picture. The place got a variety of places you can take a photo and near a park too! There a plenty lot of parking space as well as their table and their service very fast.

Most people coming here to do their work and student having an online class. Plus they have a Surau so don't worry to stay there for a long time. If you don't know how to order Starbucks beverages you can learn How to customize Starbucks drinks.

So here's the most infamous customize Starbucks drinks you can order:

  • Harry Potter
    • Size: Grande/Venti
    • Caramel Cream Frappucino
    • + Caramel Syrup
    • + Hazelnut Syrup
    • + Caramel Upside Down
  • Ferrero Rosher
    • Size: Grande/Venti
    • Java Chip Frappuchino
    • + Hazelnut Syrup
    • + Chocolate Drizzle
    • + Chocolate Upside Down

Bukku Cafe

Bukku Cafe is located in Klang area of Selangor. The interior design of this cafe is very simple and clean. For the menu, there aren't many choices that you can choose from, but everything on the menu is worth trying! Plus all the foods and drinks are affordable. I would suggest you try Matcha Latte or Hot Chocolate with Matcha Croissant. These are popular menus when customers come to Bukku Cafe.

Kafe Taman Ku

Love to go to Putrajaya? Want to see the river view? This place is a must for you to chill with a nature view while having a cup of coffee. The decorations are very modern. They have varieties of menus for you to choose from.

The Owls Cafe at One Space

the owls cafe exterior

As it is named Owls Cafe, the cafe is decorated with many owl elements. Upon entering the cafe, you will soon notice that there are a lot of owl figurines being placed on most of the tables. This cafe is very popular among teenagers, students and freelancers. The table is considered big and comfy. If you wish to spend your afternoon here, it would not be too packed even after your food and beverages are served

the owls cafe dish

Soulmad Cafe

soulmad cafe interior

Want to kill some time with your friends? This cafe is a perfect place for you and your friends to play some board games and it's totally free! The variety of food is not much and the place is not crowded. Bring your friends here and enjoy all the entertainment they had. This place is a must to-go cafe after the Covid-19 lockdown.

Coffea Coffee

coffea coffee interior

Coffea Coffee has a wide range of beverages, to suit many different palates. Hot or cold, sweet or bitter, string or mild, there's lots to choose from. Classics like espressos and cappuccinos are available, as are quirky choices like an orange chocolate latte.

Zawara Coffee

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