New Malaysia Local Brand: Fashion Edition

Kelas Marketing

There are so many reasons to support a local brand aka Malaysian Brands. When we buy from local brands, we contribute to their revenue.

  • Support local influencers, manufacture, producers and suppliers that work for the brand.
  • Support local arists, entrepreneurs, and talents that work with the brand.
  • Encourage more local jobs to be created.


makerz brand

Makerz is the best local sneaker in Malaysia owned by @bosswan

  • Rentaka - Best Selling

Website: | Instagram: boswanmakerz | TikTok: boswanmakerzz | Shopee: KasutMakerz | Telegram: Makerz Community


todak brand

TODAK is an Urban lifestyle brand that emphasizes Todak’s Attitude. With our slogan “Breaking The Limit”, we are bringing the culture of someone with a limitless attitude in achieving their goal breaking through every obstacle.

Todak was established in 2017. It started off as an idea to create a complete ecosystem that touches on the lifestyle that covers all walks of life. The idea turned into a dream, and our founding members worked hard in making sure the dream of creating a lifestyle brand becomes a reality.

  • Gaming Gears
  • Caps
  • Wallets
  • Hoodies
  • Bags

Website: | Facebook: Todak | Twitter: Todak Official

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